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Keeping this service up and providing these facilities at a decent speed in the next months requires hiring two dedicated servers and a huge internet bandwidth, what together with the required licenses, domain registration and SSL certificates cost me US $5,021 per year, what is certainly more than I can personally afford. If you wonder why a so expensive servers are required, here you have a few data from 2019:

If you really like DXMAPS.COM and want it to continue being available in the next months I would appreciate some kind of donation.

Any donation, even as little as US $10, will help, but please also consider becoming an official "supporter user" for as little as US $23 or 20€.

When you donate at least  US $23 or 20€ (net amount received by DXMAPS) you will get the status of DXMAPS.COM "supporter user" and in return you will get the following privileges for a period of one year:

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