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PayPal transfer instructions

Important:  PayPal has recently increased the fees for money transfers. If there are any PayPal fees for sending me the money, please make sure that they are paid by you. 

Read carefully the following instructions before sending you support funds by PayPal.

It could happen that the PayPal pages you see are not exactly the same than the shown above, because PayPal shows different pages depending on the country, but the idea would be the same: That you send the money to "Family and Friends", so that DXMAPS has not to pay a fee for receiving the money, that the destination currency is USD or EUR, and that if you want to get the Supporter User status the net amount received by DXMAPS should be not less that 20 EUR (or 23 USD for US stations)

Following the above instructions you can proceed to make a PayPal transfer, clicking the Donate button on the right or sending it in the traditional way to:  


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